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Jan Pieñkiowski, Author and Illustrator
Have you always loved writing and illustrating?

Yes. I did my first book when I was eight.

How did you develop your wonderful style of illustration?

Blood, sweat and tears.

What are you working on at the moment?

The Nut Cracker.
How did you celebrate when your last book was published?

The last party, for the 1001 Nights was all in oriental dress with turbans.

         Click here to see pictures from The Thousand Nights and One Night
Annie, Bridget and Charlie by Jan Pieñkowski

Jan's first book was published in 1967.

Read it online...

Bel and Bub and the Black Hole by Jan Pieñkowski

Bel and Bub race down to the black hole but Draco the dragon bursts out and gobbles up all the stars in the Milky Way. Has he eaten Bel as well?

Read it online...

Farm by Jan Pieñkowski

A bright, colourful book about life on a farm.

Read it online...

Dinnertime by Jan Pieñkowski and Anne Carter

Frog is eating flies for dinner. Vulture is eating Frog for dinner. Gorilla is eating Vulture for dinner...! Where will it end?

A wonderful pop-up book.

Haunted House by Jan Pieñkowski

An award-winning pop-up book with a ghostly ghoul in the cupboard, an octopus in the sink, a huge crocodile in the bath and a sinister black cat in every room.

Look inside...

Colours by Jan Pieñkowski

A simple picture book with clear, bold text.

Ideal for introducing young children to colours.

The Thousand Nights and One Night by Jan Pieñkowski and David Walser

Welcome to an ancient world of enchantment where genies and sorcerers rub shoulders with men.

Look inside...

The First Christmas by Jan Pieñkowski

The nativity story is beautifully retold with illuminated pages of silhouettes set against glowing colours.

The Fairy Tales by Jan Pieñkowski and David Walser

A wonderful collection of four of the most loved fairy tales: Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Hansel and Gretel and Cinderella.

Look inside...

The First Noël by Jan Pieñkowski

A pop-up Nativity book showing the wonder and beauty of Christmas. The book unfolds to create a traditional carousel with fabulous snowy-white scenes.

Look inside...

Is it difficult to think of the first line of a new story?

"Once upon a time" takes a lot of beating.

Who is your favourite author and what is your favourite book?

Richmal Crompton - Just William.

Do you have a favourite illustrator and what do you find special about their work?

Aubrey Beardsley - oriental richness achieved with great economy.
Jan Pieñkowski was born in Warsaw but moved to England when he was 10 years old. In 1972, he won the Kate Greenaway Medal for his illustrations for The Kingdom Under the Sea and again in 1980 for his pop-up book Haunted House.

Although Jan is best known for his Meg and Mog series of books, he has both written and illustrated more than 100 books for children.

This year, Jan has been nominated for the Hans Christian Andersen Award, for his important and lasting contribution to children's literature.

When Clara creeps downstairs on Christmas Eve, she finds that her wooden doll, Nut Cracker, has come to life. She helps the Nut Cracker to defeat the Mouse King and is rewarded with a visit to the magical Land of Sweets...
Meg and Mog stories by Helen Nicoll and Jan Pieñkowski
Images courtesy of Jan Pieñkowski
We asked Jan...
Some of Jan's most popular books...
"Lizards and newts, three loud hoots,
Three frog's legs, three big eggs!"
"Three chunks of cheese, a very loud sneeze,
Man in the Moon, we'll see you soon!"
"Frog in a bog, bat in a hat,
Snap, crackle, pop and fancy that!"
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