Case Study
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Uplands Community Primary School, Stroud

'I wanted to redevelop the library because I felt it lacked character despite the beautiful room it was located in. We had lots of books in the library but I also felt that many of the Junior fiction books were old, tatty and frankly uninspiring. We had invested quite a lot of money on the Infant fiction books and although I was very happy with the range of reading books on offer, I felt that the way they were displayed did not do them justice.

The redevelopment was way beyond my expectation, the transformation is amazing! I just love going into the library - it is fantastic! We love it! Thank you very very much.'   

Carol Baron, Headteacher
Development Summary

We carried out a preliminary assessment of the library and observed how the space and resources were used by pupils and staff.

To meet the development objectives, we chose an open layout, which ensured that pupils could easily move around the library and quickly locate resources. 

We evaluated the resources, replaced withdrawn items and reprocessed the stock to facilitate the routine library management.

To improve the visual and aesthetic character of the library, we installed bright, colourful displays, which made the space attractive and inviting.
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